tirsdag den 25. november 2008

Cookibook - IT i biblioteker - en guldgrube af links og tips, også om gaming

The MaintainIT Project gather stories from public libraries on how they support public computers and publish their tips and techniques in Cookbooks and articles, available for FREE on the project web site. The Project works with libraries throughout the U.S. and Canada, sharing stories from the field so librarians can learn from each other.
MaintainIT is a project of TechSoup, (www.techsoup.org) a nonprofit with extensive experience helping other nonprofits use technology effectively. TechSoup works closely with community technology centers (CTCs) that offer access to public computers and have many of the same issues as public libraries. Techsoup Stock (www.techsoup.org/stock) has distributed over 2.5 million donated and discounted products to nonprofits and public libraries, freeing more than $600 million dollars for other uses.

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Lotte Duwe Nielsen sagde ...

Og her er linket http://www.maintainitproject.org/cookbooks